Everyday Life

Supercharged simplicity takes a back-to- classics approach towards value-driven design, elevating the everyday through long-lasting appeal. It celebrates the warmth, quirkiness, and reassurance of bringing personality and pleasure to our quotidian life.


In order to innovate new materials and fabrics, we must look at their qualities and strength to create new and smarter fabrics. They can come from upcycling or recycling, they can come from the earth, land or sea… what is important is to create a new aesthetic that incorporate functionality, resistance and versatility all in one.

Sustainability Reporting

The Sustainability Report is the result of a process that companies carry out to highlight their economic, social and environmental performance to stakeholders.

Organizational wellbeing

We have heard a lot about corporate welfare. However, do we really know their impact on the companies and the community?

Extraordinary roots

A world reimagined with cultures coexisting and enriching each other in harmony. Compact jersey, knitted fabric, Milano jersey, but also piqué and textured or perforated knits, with a colorful and vibrant spirit.

Chemistry in production

I have to buy a shirt for the gym, a sweater, a belt … What does chemistry have to do with it? Every dress I wear has been produced with chemicals, not all harmless or sustainable.

Refined Elegance

An ethnic chic represented by originality, dynamism, energy, expression and contrast for an aesthetic that is sophisticated and yet simple. An air of modernism derived from traditional, colonial and exotic cultures.


A parallel world of merry-go-rounds, magical beings, and beautiful illusions. A dive into a fantasy world that has a delicate connection to our childhood nurturing our yearning for some lightheartedness and positivity.

The point on traceability in Fashion

The United Nations Global Compact defines traceability as the ability to identify and tell the story, distribution, location and application of products, components and materials to ensure the reliability of sustainability claims…

How to communicate Sustainability

All the indicators tell us that the future belongs to companies authentically committed to sustainability meant in its three key-dimensions: environmental, social and economic-organizational.

Enigmatic aesthetic

All components are now essential for a deeper appreciation of what is discarded or left behind.

All-inclusive softness

Breaking traditional codes in a soft, fluid way to create new silhouettes and new genres. An elegant gender-inclusive feel.


Giacomo Mattei

“Creativity can be a condition for achieving sustainability using unconventional ways.” 


Matteo Faccendi

“Like many here in Prato, I also have textiles in my blood.” 


Fabio Caleri

“For an aspiring designer, starting from Prato, learning how things are done here, is certainly an advantage in terms of knowledge and preparation. “


Nicola Baroni

“In my opinion “creativity” is in the eye of the beholder, the great creative skill is just being able to capture that gaze.” 


Renzo Nicoletti

“Taking this path requires passion and above all the desire to learn.” 



“For me, creativity means combining existing elements with new connections, experimenting, and daring.” 

fashion-micro plastics

Fashion and microplastics

The fact that even a remote and apparently pristine ecosystem such as the Arctic is invaded by microplastics is a clear sign of the environmental emergency we are experiencing.


The three “r” of circular economy

In the fashion sector, the pandemic acted as a detonator, bringing out contradictions that have actually existed for some time. One of them is the disproportion between supply and demand.


Luca Agrifogli

““I would like to making new fashion, an eco-friendly fashion, that takes advantage of something that is destined to die and gives it new life, a new shape, a new colour.” ” 


Simone Lombardi

“I believe that with the use of new technologies we will be able to make the most of resources, making our production and finishing cycles more effective.” 


Pietro Razzai

“The future of fashion will be largely digital and no longer just concretely fungible.


Stefano Gonnelli

“creativity lies precisely in knowing how to grasp the beauty in what we see in our daily life and then apply it to our work as a designer. ” 


Sabrina Conchedda

“Creativity in my opinion is the need to externalize one’s being, one’s vision of things and express concretely one’s feelings.” 


Rita Gualtieri

“My definition of creativity is “activating innovative ideas”.” 


Jacopo Palloni

“I’d like to make people understand the importance of sustainable fashion. That’s it. That’s my secret dream.” 


Reshaping the classics

A breath of fresh air acclaimed by a generation in search of a new identity, more fluid and complex, imposing a supportive, compatible, inclusive, and circular fashion.


Passionately Blazing

A story on fire, a story of resilience, of hope and freedom. A story ready to explode bringing new life, passion and meaning.


Gianluca Branchetti

“In the future I would like to work only with entirely sustainable materials to prevent any kind of pollution.” 


Colour and fashion

Since ancient times, people have studied the shades of nature that surrounded them and have obtained colours from plants, leaves, fruits and bark, molluscs, insects, and minerals to dye their clothes and everyday objects.


Ecodesign or sustainable design is the intelligent design of the product aimed at ideally eliminating every one of its negative impacts on the environment and on people throughout the entire life cycle

Modest Minimalism

A range of colors centered on light, natural, creamy whites combined with greys and cool beige, expressing the desire for simplicity.