Rita Gualtieri


“My definition of creativity is “activating innovative ideas”.” 

What is your definition of “creativity”?

My definition of creativity is “activating innovative ideas”.
And when I speak of “innovative ideas” I am referring to the creation of fabrics with special finishes that make the product original. In my opinion being creative means: being able to create items that are unique.


What are your favourite fabrics?

I like fabrics with special finishes such as coated, laminated, creased, resin-coated, coupled, flocked, etc.
I like to enhance fabrics and make them “different”, so that even a basic fabric can become original.

What is your greatest personal / professional satisfaction?

Before launching a collection, in the company we usually make a presentation of all the articles at the end of which we vote for the “best” articles, the most suitable for the collection. In my professional life, it has happened (as does to everyone) that some of my garments were “rejected” or not considered important during the presentation; there is satisfaction when, despite this, orders for that excluded item arrive at the company.


Is there a stylist (finished product) you are inspired by?

I don’t have a particular favourite designer, but I really like French and some Italian designers.