All-inclusive softness










Breaking traditional codes in a soft, fluid way to create new silhouettes and new genres. An elegant gender-inclusive feel. The classics are revisited once again, or de-contextualized, even future focused with a simple yet strong feel. Essentials are elevated.

Bellandi, Art. 90015, 64% VI, 32% LI, 4% PA.

Bellandi, Art. 90128, 100% CO.

Bellandi,  Art. FRIDA 03, 85% VI, 15% PA.

Bellandi, Art. BRILLIANT 03, 52% LI, 44% CO, 2%EA, 1% PL, 1% PA. 

A desire to craft every day materials into versatile products but with a touch of industrial precision. Co-habitation of timeless basics, retro-vintage and re-styled second-hand are now a must have.

Bisentino, Art. ELODY, 100% PA.

Bisentino, Art. TATTO/SOL, 100% CO.

 Dinamo , Art. IDROMELE/F2, 58% LI, 42% CO.

Manifattura Emmetex, Art. BACINO,  62% LI, 38% VI.

 A sense of protection is now part of the package where a veil of transparency is our shield. The desire for lightness is enriched with reflections and nuances that are cheerful and easy. Be aware of ecological challenges and choose virtuous and long-lasting pieces.

Fortex, Art. LINVI/STRETCH,  62% LI, 35% VI, 3% EA.

Furpile, Art. ECOLOGIA, 100% RECYCLED PL.

In.Tes.Pra., Art. FERILLI WASH,77% CO, 14% PL, 6% VI, 2% PA, 1% AF. 

Lanificio Roma, Art. MA5493, 45% PL, 45% CO, 10% LX. 

A style with an indefinable gender, conceived for a new revolutionary generation, devoid of the desire to appear, but marked by delicacy and a certain conscious and playful regressiveness, whose sustainability defines an imperative aesthetic. Revisiting the classics in an ultra-light version through symbolic garments to be worn comfortably but always with a twist or contemporary touch.

 Lanificio Roma, Art.  MA4721/17C, 90% PA, 10% EA.

Lineaesse, Art. GL7714, 100% VI.

Manteco, Art. LINAO S F.460 292334,  40% LI, 35% AC, 25% CO.

Marini Industrie, Art.  63411 DIS. 1000, 100% CA.

 The palette echoes a desire for imperceptible pastels that have a sort of retro feel. Neutrals are enriched with metallic or shiny surfaces. Bleached and lightened cerulean blue, apricot orange, provides a new sense of purity and freshness. The neutrals do not weaken the elegance, efficiency and correctness of the fabrics. On the contrary, they remain timeless, cohesive, refined and chic.

 MTT S.p.A., Art.  PEREIRA TP, 87% VI, 13% CO (BCI).

MTT S.p.A., Art.  POYET TP, 65% CO (BCI), 33% PA, 2% EA.

Pontetorto, Art. JIVELLE, 76% CO, 8% PL, 8% PC, 5% AF, 3% PA.

 Lanificio Faliero Sarti, Art. 26A356 ANTONIA,  70% VI, 30% PL.

 Materials are soft, washed, creased also in blends with other fibers for a fluid appearance. Tweeds or boucle’ are enhanced by metallic yarns. Pure cotton jacquards and shiny finishing are revisited in proportions, dimensions, and compositions. Linen and viscose are blended for a subtle basket weave effect. Compact flannels and indigo dye on natural fabrics for an everyday wear.

Concept by A+A Design Studio

SMI Tessuti, Art. 19181 EDEN MESH, 70% CO, 30% PA.

Tessilgodi, Art. 20/CAPRAIA/2020/V, 40% CO, 20% PA, 18% PC, 16% PL, 4% VI, 2% ME.

Texmoda, Art. LOGICO, 50% VI, 50% CO.

 Lanificio Mario Bellucci, Art.  FINLEY 014, 94% VI, 6% EA.