Reshaping the classics

A breath of fresh air acclaimed by a generation in search of a new identity, more fluid and complex, imposing a supportive, compatible, inclusive, and circular fashion. Traditional codes are evolving and integrating with more creative suggestions that are open to integration, contamination, and fluidity. Even the structure of garments and choice of fabrics from classic to casual, to athleisure, will find functionality and versatility going hand-in-hand for a more contemporary aesthetic.

Bellandi, fine recycled wool blend

Bellandi, superfine virgin wool blend with prince of Wales finish

Bisentino, classic virgin wool

FORTEX, mouliné tweed

The pandemic has made us rediscover the advantages of home life, let’s face it, without giving up style, yet without excesses. Sobriety and asceticism, almost monastic essentiality, halfway in-between the 90s’ minimalist suggestions and technical sportswear while keeping in mind an eco-sustainable approach.

TEXMODA, colored tweed

MARIO BELLUCCI, Optical herringbone

FORTEX, colored herringbone blend

Bisentino, shiny classic

A revisitation of the classics is key, like the pin-striped or herringbone where color is added for a more contemporary feel. Furthermore, eco-compatible fibres or recycled yarns driven by sustainability and conscious consumers is finding its way more and more into blended wools or the insertion of smart elements for enhanced performance, protection, and innovation.

MARINI, metallic effect

DINAMO, wool blend with metallic effect

LINEASSESE GROUP, grey metallic blend

EMMETEX, Melange recycled wool

Materials are flannel-like, soft, washed, scratched, or brushed also in blends with other fibers for a fluid appearance.

PONTETORTO, classic fabric with biodegradable %

MANTECO, Textured wool


SARTI FALIERO, delicate pin-stripe wool

Tweeds, checks and houndstooth are revisited in proportions dimensions and compositions. Felted fabrics, compact textures, tartans, and brushed wools can be used for both indoor and outdoor worlds and combined with coated nylon, waterproof or metallic finishing, textured cottons where comfort and versatility are blended for a new, unprecedented concept of understated elegance. The colors are neutral, genderless, and timeless ranging from classical grey, to light beige, brown, camel and sometimes melange or embellished to spice it up and move away from old classics.

SARTI FALIERO, glittery fabric with sparkles of iridescent color

SMI, Verni wool jacquard with shiny effect

ROMA TEXTILE, brushed wool with paillettes