Enigmatic aesthetic










An organic inspiration born from the need to look at the outdoor world by elevating materials, transforming them, and highlighting their resource scarcity into three dimensional or raised weaving, organic clay, mold, recycled materials, even food waste. All components are now essential for a deeper appreciation of what is discarded or left behind.

Bellucci, Art. COLLAGE 051, 75%CO; 25%LI

Dinamo, Art. CONNY, 100% CO.

Dinamo,  Art. FIRMINO, 100%PA

Emmetex, Art. INDOOR 3 STRETCH, 67%CO; 30%PA; 3%EA

A seductive journey into the distorted, a blurry, dusty aspect in order to create a dramatic mood. Our hands become a sculpture while objects or garments a work of art. An intimate, tender, slightly mysterious aesthetic with a strong sensory appeal, depicting the elevated focus on tactile sensations that are alluring and with enhanced suggestive qualities.

Emmetex, Art. NANSEN58, 68%CLY; 32%CU

Fortex, Art. NINO/DOUBLE/STRETCH/A, 65%LI; 33%PA; 2%EA

 Furpile Idea, Art. LETTORE, 56%PL; 28%WV; 16%PC

Furpile Idea, Art. POTENZA,  32%PL; 32%WV; 18%PA; 18%PC

This translates into fluid fabrics some with smoothly textured surfaces, that you want to touch immediately. From supple densities and lustrous coatings with a luminous and daring shine-effect to silky, almost-wet finishing. On the contrary, for a rawer elegance, the attention is put on emphasizing more grainy, natural textures, or crinkled and brushed materials, whose surfaces capture this tactile and mysteriously intimate story. What counts is how the material makes you feel.

Lanificio Bisentino, Art. TATTO/VER, 100%CO

Lanificio Bisentino, Art. BOREALE, 55%LI; 45%CU

Lanificio Roma, Art. LI900/LAM 100%LI

Lineaesse, Art. GL43115, 72%CO; 28%LI

The colors fuse dusty but sensual pales hues that are elevated and sophisticated. Plays of purplish-blues, very dark classics, mixed with beige and nudes. Black is eternal and remains a strong component, but this time its colored and tinted with shades of deep tones allowing a focus on shapes, movement, and outlines. Navy blue and dark blu often combined with grayed and faded blues portray a more casual feel.

Manteco, Art.  AMY KNOP NAT GAB, 89%VI; 11%PA

Manteco, Art. YMA CREPE PLAIN PD, 72%VI; 28%PA

Marini Industrie, Art. MEZZANA,  87%VI; 12%PA; 1%PL

MTT, Art.  INNO TP F, 100% CO.

Strictly natural, especially certified cotton, but also linen, hemp ramie and vegetable fibers. New generation cruelty-free and viscose silk based on bamboo and cellulosic or plant-based fibers, waste recycles fibers obtained by food or textile industry are interesting alternatives. Pinstripe and micro-striped patterns over light and natural bases are never boring.

 MTT S.p.A., Art.  INNO TP H, 100%CO (BCI)

Pontetorto, Art. BOBI, 45%CO; 45%PA; 10%EA

Pontetorto, Art. VERDICCHIO, 80%LI; 20%PA

 SMI Tessuti, Art. 17937 COMPACT SHINY GEO, 50%VI; 47%PL; 3%EA

Black-on-black, raised by touches of light or pinky skin tones for details, also in dark and brown: warm grays, elegantly woody, mixed also with whites in chiné yarns. Negative-positive patterns can be achieved, dark/light tweeds or artful cutouts even plays of contrast between sheer fabrics and opaque solids.

Concept by A+A Design Studio

SMI Tessuti, Art. 17264/GUM CHALK TWEED, 66% CO; 20% PL; 8%PC; 4%LI; 1%AE; 1%VI