Modest Minimalism

A range of colors centered on light, natural, creamy whites combined with greys and cool beige, expressing the desire for simplicity. The inclusion of these delicate pale shades gives importance to trans-seasonality as colors cross over from season to season, increasing the longevity of products and garments. A strong emphasis on softness and comfort. A symbol of purity and a re-birth with timeless materials that are authentic and made to last a lifetime.

Bellandi Art. 7378, 80%WV, 20% PA

Bellucci, Art. KARMA, 57%WP, 25%WV, 18%PA

Bisentino, Art. NABOK, 40%WV, 21%WM, 21%WP, 13%PA, 5%PU

Fortex, Art. DOUBLECASH 41 70%WV, 25%PA, 5%WS

Emmetex, Art. FLAN BOT, 67% WO RECYCLED 6%SE, 27%PA

Furpile Idea, Art. FRESCURA, 70%Pl, 30%PC

It’s a return to basics, to what’s essential, inspired by nature’s elements and minerals. A form of modest minimalism, in order to save resources with the use of naturally dyed fibres, synthetic or “clean” materials that can be recovered, sanitized and reinvented. Products with an artisanal look that transpire warms and coziness but at the same time a sense of lightness thanks to the lightweight functionality of the yarns. Stability and familiarity are represented in each fabric to create that nostalgic feeling of reassurance that is classic but modern.

Each material is livened with different surfaces and aspects that are gender-fluid. Reflecting awareness, sensibility, and originality, the fabrics aim to enhance comfort and versatility through flannel-like, scratched, spotted, haired, or buffed aspects. Fine ribs, textured knits, and speckled fabrics bring a confident attitude to any garment. Ultra-light woolens either plane or delicately detailed are key for a sophisticated aesthetic and an understated elegance that amplifies the essence of each piece.

Concept by A+A Design Studio

Lineaesse, Art. DAKARSTL, 100% PU 100% Pl

Lanificio Roma, Art. 242/1, 5o%WV, 25%VI, 22%PL, 3%EA

Marini e Cecconi Srl, Art. 61913, 46%LI, 31%WV, 21%VI, 2% EA

Lanificio Roma, Art. 242/1, 5o%WV, 25%VI, 22%PL, 3%EA