Stefano Gonnelli


“Creativity lies precisely in knowing how to grasp the beauty in what we see in our daily life and then apply it to our work as a designer.” 

What is your definition of “creativity”?

In my opinion, “creativity” means being inspired and influenced by everything around us. Every day we see something beautiful, a beautiful painting, a beautiful drawing, an article in a shop, here, creativity lies precisely in knowing how to grasp the beauty in what we see in our daily life and then apply it to our work as a designer.

For example, if you have to study trousers or a particular design and perhaps you recall seeing “that beautiful painting” while wandering through the streets of the centre, starting from that memory you can try to reproduce and customize what you found striking.


What would you recommend to those who want to follow your path?

If you want to take this path, a fundamental prerequisite is humility, a lot of humility. Personally I have learned that you never stop learning and that by being in contact with the people who daily give your ideas form, from the weavers to the workers who toil on the finishing machines, you learn a lot, they can give us some really valuable advice that allows us to do our job in the best way possible.

For example, many times I went to the weaving plant and spoke with the weavers to understand how much intensity to give to a weft, or, I went to the finishing plant to come face-to-face with those who work with the machines and learn how to give my fabrics particular characteristics. We technicians create ideas but it is they who are in direct contact with the fabric every day and give life to our ideas; therefore, it is important to never feel superior to others and always be ready to learn.

Is there a (finished product) stylist you are inspired by?

Generally I always look to almost all the stylists, the classics of Paris and Milan, but lately I particularly like Calcaterra and Courrèges.


What kind of fabrics do you like to create? What are your sources of inspiration?

I really like creating double fabrics, or fabrics that show different faces thanks to their interweaving. But I also really like fabrics where it is possible to mix yarns of various counts with flowing weaves to give an artisan’s touch that allows you to distinguish yourself from the products that are imported.

My sources of inspiration are different: from trendy books to art, from furniture to colours, music is also a great source of inspiration.
In my opinion, one of the most important things is to visit the shops because observing the finished products allows you to study the style of your customers or those you would like to work with.