Jacopo Palloni


“I’d like to make people understand the importance of sustainable fashion. That’s it. That’s my secret dream.” 

What was a first milestone you reached in this role as a designer?

The first milestone I reached was in 1997, the year after graduation, when I entered a wool mill as a drafter and, for the first time, I saw my fabric in an advertising campaign by an internationally renowned designer. It was like touching the sky with a finger.


What kind of fabrics do you like to create? What are your sources of inspiration?

I love to create dyed yarn and outerwear fabrics.

As for my sources of inspiration, I always rely on the types of fabrics already made over the years, so I draw from the archive and then try to give those fabrics a new life. I always try to recreate the soul of fabrics by changing their composition and structures in a contemporary way.

What are your future aspirations as a designer? What materials would you like to work on in the future?

I have been working as a textile designer for 15 years as well as in commercial department, so I follow private clients. I would like to have a way to interface with them even more. Because they too are a major source of inspiration.

As for the materials, I like to experiment with new combinations whether they are synthetic fibers or natural fibers, so I would like to continue on this path. However, today one of the themes most dear to me is that of sustainability so I would like to continue working with eco-sustainable materials and, above all, to explain to companies and consumers what sustainability really is. I’d like to make people understand the importance of sustainable fashion. That’s it. That’s my secret dream.


How do you see the fashion sector ten years from now? What are the big future trends?

As far as the fashion sector is concerned, within ten years, I believe that for the big brands to grow, they will need to buy Made in Italy and / or to rely on Italian designers for the realization of their fabrics.

Instead, when I think about great future trends, it is difficult, “if I had a chrystal ball I would design the most beautiful collections in the world,” but I don’t have one so I can’t answer you.