The point on traceability in Fashion

The United Nations Global Compact defines traceability as the ability to identify and tell the story, distribution, location and application of products, components and materials to ensure the reliability of sustainability claims…

How to communicate Sustainability

All the indicators tell us that the future belongs to companies authentically committed to sustainability meant in its three key-dimensions: environmental, social and economic-organizational.

fashion-micro plastics

Fashion and microplastics

The fact that even a remote and apparently pristine ecosystem such as the Arctic is invaded by microplastics is a clear sign of the environmental emergency we are experiencing.


The three “r” of circular economy

In the fashion sector, the pandemic acted as a detonator, bringing out contradictions that have actually existed for some time. One of them is the disproportion between supply and demand.


Ecodesign or sustainable design is the intelligent design of the product aimed at ideally eliminating every one of its negative impacts on the environment and on people throughout the entire life cycle