Fabio Caleri – Designer of the “Marini e Cecconi” collection

Marini Industrie

“For an aspiring designer, starting from Prato, learning how things are done here, is certainly an advantage in terms of knowledge and preparation.” 

What was a first milestone you reached in this role as a designer?

The first ever coincided with the moment when I felt I had acquired confidence in representing, through my creations, the identity of the company I work for. It was at that moment that I realized I had crossed an important professional milestone.


What would you recommend to those who want to take your path?

The typical designer of a textile company in Prato is often both an architect and a labourer. The creative process is truly imbued with a lot of technical knowledge that you’ve learnt in the field since leaving school. For this reason, the only advice I can give is to immediately learn of the processes in depth, to know the peculiarities and difficulties, without devoting oneself only to advancing the creative process. The development of a collection contemplates the creation and exploration of new fashion concepts but at the same time is based on technical feasibility.

In your opinion, how does the Prato Textile District manage to differentiate itself on a creative and quality level on the national and international scene?

I am committed to the above: Prato really permits the exploration of every corner of the textile supply chain thanks to the horizontal fragmentation of the processes. There are small realities of great excellence where you can still learn from the “masters” of the trade and there are steps in the process that are not found everywhere. For an aspiring designer, starting from Prato, learning how things are done here, is certainly an advantage in terms of knowledge and preparation.


What has been your greatest professional satisfaction?

I believe that in this profession the greatest satisfaction does not arise when an item is sold in large quantities or from formal recognition (an article by Marini e Cecconi was awarded the title of best fabric in the world in 2018 ed). In my case, the greatest satisfaction coincides with being able to convey a certain type of credibility and reliability to those who work with me, whether it’s the owner of the company, colleagues or a fashion designer who decides to entrust me with an idea to develop. I am very satisfied to have converted these years of work into an experience considered valid and with a point of view that is often solicited by those who work with me.