Gianluca Branchetti

Bellandi SPA

“In the future I would like to work only with entirely sustainable materials to prevent any kind of pollution.” 

What was a first milestone you reached in this role as a designer?

Surely the first goal achieved by a designer was the creation of one’s own clothing fabric.

It all comes from an idea or from an in-depth search to which a mix of technique and experience must be added to put the concept into practice.


What kind of fabrics do you like to create? What are your sources of inspiration?

Mainly I like to create men’s clothing fabrics, without making distinctions between coat, jacket, or trousers.

The sources of inspiration vary. In this I must give major credit to the Bellandi company which from 1967 until today has constantly updated and archived every fabric produced. Today, thanks to this type of work, we designers have at our disposal a historical archive from which we can study, draw ideas from, and modernize each item with new materials.
Another main source of inspiration are the fashion shows.

What are your future aspirations as a designer? What materials would you like to work on in the future?

My future aspirations as a designer are to create a true collection of men’s clothing fabrics: the dream, an innovative fabric that can change its nature according to the weather.

In the future I would like to work only with entirely sustainable materials to prevent any kind of pollution.


How do you see the fashion sector ten years from now? What are the big future trends?

Today, contrary to what one might think during a global pandemic, I see the fashion sector in robust growth. But for the next ten years I see a lack of generational change. Young people are no longer willing to work in the textile industry. Hereby I would like to invite those, who have just finished school, to immerse themselves in this solid and richly emotional environment.

One of the biggest future trends will surely be the theme of sustainability. In part we already face it today with the improvements obtained, but the fashion system is still one of the most polluting in the world.
Finally, I foresee an increasingly digital language through 3D tools and CAD automation.