Nicola Baroni


“In my opinion “creativity” is in the eye of the beholder, the great creative skill is just being able to capture that gaze.” 

What is your definition of “creativity”?

In my opinion “creativity” is in the eye of the beholder, the great creative skill is just being able to capture that gaze.
Nature, people, images and objects that we see every day and the emotions they arouse in us are fundamental inputs for us creatives. This is how every day the world around us gives us multiple sources of inspiration that are the lifeblood to generate new creative ideas.


What would you recommend to those who want to take your path?

For those who want to take the path I followed and become a designer, I would certainly recommend being curious, to have the courage, to experiment and always have a look at the past of textile manufacturing, an indispensable basis for any development that you want to achieve.
Furthermore, in my opinion, humility is a very important feature that allows us to develop new ideas every day, thus breaking down obstacles and prejudices and leaving the imagination free to follow new paths.

What are your favourite fabrics?

My favourite fabrics are patterned fabrics.
I really like creating these types of fabric where the combination of the various colours that make up the fabric itself is fundamentally tasteful.
In particular, my favourites are the “Chanel” inspired fabrics where in addition to the colour, the structures and three-dimensionality of the yarns that compose it are very important, thus making these fabrics truly authentic and recognizable.


What has been your greatest personal satisfaction?

In our work, satisfaction can be manifold.
For me, the emotion I feel every time in seeing a finished garment made with a fabric I have designed is very important.
This aspect of my work is in everyday life the driving force that allows me to become more and more passionate about my profession as a “designer” and therefore I would say that the greatest satisfaction is to do a job that is fascinating but certainly not “routine” and which allows me to see part of my “creativity” realized each time.