Emiliano Tempestini


“For the future I expect less fast fashion and more quality products.” 

What was a first milestone you reached in this role as a designer?

The first goal achieved was to see one of my fabrics on a garment worn by a lady going around Prato. I realized that I had created something that made someone happy enough to buy and wear it. It was emotional!


What kind of fabrics do you like to create? What are your sources of inspiration?

I like to create piece-dyed, fabrics that are made almost entirely with the loom, extremely compact and light fabrics and in line with the times.

As for my sources of inspiration, I am an extremely curious person who travels the world, so I get inspiration almost everywhere.

What are your future aspirations as a designer? What materials would you like to work on in the future?

Ah, good question. As for my future aspirations, I would certainly like to continue doing this job.

What materials would I like to work on in the future? I like to work with all materials but, most of all, I love working with natural fibres so, even in the future, I would like to continue working with natural fibres (for example wool).


How do you see the fashion sector ten years from now? What are the big future trends?

Ten years from now, I hope that the fashion sector will become more responsible and start putting quality and sustainability first. And by ‘sustainability’ I don’t just mean environmental sustainability but also the sustainability of fabrics in terms of durability. Like grandfather’s coat that could still be worn. So, for the future I expect less fast fashion and more quality products.